2018 Fall-term Business Chinese Program



Study abroad not only promotes academic enrichment and personal growth, it also enhances your employment prospects, especially in the fields of business and international affairs. As the best business university in Shanghai, we customize a series of courses to help you obtain a larger vocabulary and specialized knowledge of business purpose. Your capabilities of speaking and listening would be greatly improved, you will acquire enough skills to be able to maintain a normal conversation using a range of business vocabulary after participating our Business Chinese Program.

We also offer General Chinese language Program and Intensive Chinese language (Pre-HSK) Program .

What makes us unique?

1) Convenient geographic position and subjects superiority
Founded in 1917 and located in Shanghai, we are the oldest and best business university in China. Shanghai is developing at a oustanding speed, and many business professionals residing in Shanghai claim that with the abundance of opportunities and the world’s eyes turned to China, there is no more exciting city to work and live today than Shanghai. Combined with the fantastic location, we also have a good reputation in China. Today, we are a multi-dimensional research institution focused on applied economics and management.

Zhongshan Beiyi Road campus is in Hongkou District, in Shanghai’s north-east. It’s only 2 minutes walk to Chifeng Road station (Metro Line 3), and a short walk to Hongkou Football Stadium, Carrefour and Hongkou Plaza. It is also very close to downtown and People’s Square.

Find us on Google Map & Baidu Map.

2) Excellent Teaching Quality

As the first university to launch a Business Chinese Program, we have rich teaching experience to ensure our quality of teaching. We customize a series of courses to help you obtain a larger vocabulary and specialized knowledge of business practice.

3) Focus on practical use in business surrounding

You will get a chance to come to China to acquire and develop a profound knowledge of the Chinese business environment through a set of our business-focused courses: Business Etiquette, Chinese Culture, Business News Reading, Business Letters Writing, etc.

4) National Research Center and HSK & BCT Test Center

In 2010, the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) set up a national research center in SUFE, which is called "Teaching and Resources Exploitation Base of International Business Chinese (Shanghai)”.

SUFE is also one of the HSK and BCT test centers in Shanghai. We organize tutorial courses for the HSK and BCT tests in each semester and accept applications for participating test.

Our Language Programs

Study for..

1 semester/1 year

Study from…


Lessons from….

8:30--12:10, Mon.--Fri.

(Chinese cultural coures and other activities will be arranged

in the afternoon)

Apply before…

Dec.31st for spring semester;

June.30th for fall semester

Apply as…

Foreigner; 18 to 60 years old; good physical health;

at least 300 class-hours Chinese learning experice (1 semester)

Class size is…

about 10-20 students per class

Be grouped into level…

Beginning level;

Intermediate level;

Advanced level

Pay for…

415RMB as application fee;

9,000RMB for one semester (half a year), 18,000RMB for one year

Chinese Cultural Courses and China Tour

Chinese culture is famous for being charming, ancient and mysterious. In order to inspire students’ interest in the Chinese language, we include several optional cultural courses as well as China tours in every semester, including: Taiji Konfu, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Traditional Instrument, Beijing Opera, Chinese Tea Ceremony, Tour to other cities (such as Beijing, Hangzhou, and Xi'an), etc.

Accommodation on Campus

Single Room

90 RMB/Day/People (less than 90 days)

60 R/D/P (more than 90 days)

Double Room

60 R/D/P (less than 90 days)

40 R/D/P (more than 90 days)

Public facilities

Washing machine, dryer, induction cooker, microwave oven

Private facilites

TV, air conditioner, telephone, bathroom, shower, safe,

internet cable (250 - 300 RMB/6-month)

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2018 Fall Term Timetable (16 weeks in total)


5th of Sept. (Wed.)

Orientation and visa issue

7th-8th of Sept.


24th of Sept. : Mid-Autumn Festival

1st of Oct. : National Day

1st of Jan.,2019 : New Year

Chinese Course

10th of Sept. - 28th of Dec. (16 weeks)

Final Test

2nd-3rd of Jan., 2019

Closing Ceremony

4th of Jan. (Fri.)

Registration for next term

Feb., 2019

How to Apply?

1. Prepare your application materials:

1) Application Form for Enrollment - Non-degree (PDF version, WORD version)

2) Photocopy of valid ordinary passport

3) Application fee: 415RMB (or the proof/invoice of remittance)

2. Apply online , after then please print out the signed application form and send all your application materials by email, post or hand to our office directly.

3. Pay the application fee by bank transer, cash or UnionPay card.

4. Receive the Admission Notice and the form of Visa Application for Study in China (JW202) when you are accepted.

5. Apply for X1 or X2 visa to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your home country with the Admission Notice and the Form of Visa Application for study in China.

6. Register at the ICES of SUFE on time in accordance with the detailed requirements in the Admission Notice.

Contact us

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