2018 English-given MBA Program



SUFE launched its MBA program in 1991, which makes SUFE one of nine universities firstly launched MBA education in China. The educational goal of SUFE MBA is to train and develop “those who will take leading positions in tomorrow’s global business competition with their abilities to guide people and their organizational skills”. For over twenty-six years, SUFE MBA successively passed Chinese Advanced Management Education Accreditation (CAMEA), AMBA and AACSB, gaining great influence along the way of progress.

When entering the program, most of SUFE students are at their early 30s, with 6 to 10 years of working experience, clear goals of future career development while holding middle to senior management positions. To helps its students to meet their career goals, SUFE MBA has the following strengths: practice-oriented and customized curriculum focusing on leadership improvement while combining SUFE’s strength in finance and accounting, a wide selection of student clubs (including investment and financing clubs, Entrepreneur Club, Sinology clubs, etc.) aiming to improve students’ professionalism and taste of life, well-directed career development services provided by senior alumni with great influence in their respective industry. By fully realizing their own values, SUFE MBA students will promote regional and international social and economic development. As one of SUFE MBA’s flagship class, the Full-time Global MBA class strives to develop business leaders with global view and competiveness through its unique way of “Knowing, Doing and Being” education system.


Course Type

Course Name

Academic Year



Leadership Development and Organizational Behavior

First Year

Managerial Economics

Business Statistics



Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Operation Management

Corporate Finance

Strategic Management

Core Course

International Finance Management

First Year

International Business

International Entrepreneurship

Study Tour


(Elective course)

Financial Management

Second Year

Accounting and Finance

Marketing Management

Quantitative Financial

General Management

Study Length

2 years (from September 2018)


International applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 45 with a bachelor’s degree and in good health. Non English native speakers should pass IELTS test (above 6.5 points) .

* Applicants from the Mainland of China, Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan who are applying to study at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics as international students should meet the additional requirements of the National Ministry of Education.

Application Materials
Visit our online application system(http://ao.sufe.edu.cn), submit your application, print out the application form and sign on it.
(2) One photocopy of your valid passport.
(3) One photocopy of your diploma and degree certificate (a notarized Chinese or English translation is demanded if the original version is in other languages). For those who are about to graduate, a certification of expected graduation is also acceptable).
(4) One photocopy of your transcript of academic records during your Bachelor or Master’s study (a notarized Chinese or English translation is demanded if the original version is in other languages).
(5) English language level certificate, above 550 (paper based) and 80 (computer based) in TOFEL or 6.5 in IELTS.
(6) Personal statement, written in English, which includes your education and work experience, research results and a study plan.
(7) Recommendation letters in Chinese or English from two professors or associate professors.
(8) Application fee: 1660 RMB (or the proof/invoice of remittance)

Application Period
The application period is open from March 1st 2018 to April 30th 2018.

Application Procedures
(1) The application materials (hardcopies) and registration fee should be submitted to the office before the deadline.

(2) Two types of entrance examinations are offered:
a.) Interview
b.) Written exam and Interview.

The entrance examinations will be arranged in early June. Once all necessary documents have been submitted and approved, the Admission Office of ICES-SUFE will inform qualified applicants about the details of the interview by telephone or email.

(3) Qualified applicants will be accepted after passing the entrance examinations. The International Cultural Exchange School (ICES) of the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics will mail the applicant both the Visa Application Form for Foreign Students (JW202 Form) and Admission Notice.

(4) The applicants must go to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in their home country with the Admission Notice and the Visa Application Form for studying in China to apply for the student entry visa.

(5) Students must register at the ICES of SUFE on time in accordance with the detailed requirements in the Admission Notice.

* All application materials and application fee are not refundable.


218,000 RMB/total

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