2020 Visiting Scholar Program



The visiting scholar program is a non-degree program that offers credit-granting courses.

Each visiting student is admitted into one undergraduate /master/PhD subject area as stated in the Admission Notice. Courses available are the same as those for degree students of 2020 Fall entry. For more details, please see “subject areas”.

Each student, when having completed all the courses and passed exams, will exit the program with a certificate and a transcript.


Length of study: one semester or two

Subject Areas & Fees


Subject   area

Instructional   language

Credits/   semester

Tuition   (RMB/semester)


Chinese   language


25   max





-International   Finance and Regional Cooperation Oriented in the Belt and Road Initiative


8   max




8   max




8   max



Economic   Law


8   max



Entry Requirements
- General: 18-60 years old, in good health with a valid passport

- Educational Background: completed high school or above

*Applicants for undergraduate subject areas should complete high school or above

*Applicants for postgraduate subject areas should complete bachelor degree or above

- Language Proficiency: 

For undergraduate courses taught in Chinese: no entry requirement in Chinese language. Applicants with new HSK4 level (180 points min) can sign up for courses for sophomore. Those who does not meet the above Chinese language requirement can register for courses for freshman major in Chinese Language (Business Oriented).

For master/PhD courses taught in English: TOFEL minimum score of 550 for the paper-based test, 80 for the internet-based test, or IELTS academic module overall band score minimum 6.5

*If English is the applicants’ first language or if they have studied in an English speaking school for at least 3 years, please enclose supporting documents.

Application & Admission

Applications can be received from 1st Feb. 2020 for entry in Fall 2020 and we will consider applications up to 30th June 2020.

1. Register and fill application form online.

*Application must be made online at http://ao.sufe.edu.cn.

2. Remit application fee (415RMB).

*The application fee is not refundable.

* Remittance by Union card at ICES or overseas bank transfer is accepted.

*Please note your name & application No. (See the top of the application form in the application system) when transferring the application fee.

3. Upload the supporting documents.

- A copy of the identification of your passport

- A copy of senior high school / bachelor diploma that have been certified or translated (if the document is not in English or Chinese) by an authorized person

- A copy of remittance notice

- A copy of language proficiency certificate and transcript

*We will consider application documents submitted by 30th June 2020. 

*The original copy of the documents will be verified during registration.

4. Get admission package and apply for an X2 visa

5. Register at ICES and pay the tuition fee.

*See the registration/admission date in Admission Notice and Registration Guide.

Bank Info


Shanghai   University of Finance and Economics


1001   2249 0930 005 0373


Industrial   and Commercial Bank of China, Shanghai Municipal Branch

Swift   Code


Bank   Add

No.9   Pu Dong Avenue, Shanghai, China

Post   Code


Bank   TEL


Contact Us

Room 102, Admission Office, ICES SUFE

No.369 Zhongshan Beiyi Road, Shanghai (200083), China

Tel: +86-21-65361944

E-mail: ices@mail.sufe.edu.cn

Wechat: Study_at_sufe


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