2020 Chinese-given Master Program Profile &Application Guide


Recommended Majors

Academic Degrees

- Public Finance
- Investment Economics
- International Law

- Management Science and Engineering

- Real Estate Economics
- Linguistics and Applied Linguistics


Professional Degrees
- Master of International Business
- Master of Finance
- Master of Asset Appraisal
- Master of Taxation Science
- Master of Applied Statistics
- Master of Insurance
- Master of Translation and Interpreting
- Juris Master (J.M)
- Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages


* All of these degrees are recognized by the Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China.

* For more details about Chinese-given Master’s programs, please refer to the homepage of SUFE’s Graduate School: http://gs.sufe.edu.cn/


Entry Requirements

-General: 18-45 years old, in good health with valid passport.

-Educational Background: completed bachelor’s degree or above

-Language Proficiency: new HSK5 level (scored at least 180)


Study Length

2-3 years


Tuitions (RMB)

- Academic Degree : 24,000 RMB /Year (12,000 RMB/semester)
- Professional Degree: 30,000 RMB/Year (15,000 RMB/semester)
* Textbook fees not included. 


Shanghai Government Scholarship. Please refer to 2020 Shanghai Government Scholarship


Application & Admission

When to Apply

Applications can be received from 1st January 2020 for entry in September 2020. We will consider applications up to 30th March 2020 for entry in September 2020.

How to Apply

1. Register and submit application online.

Application must be made online at http://ao.sufe.edu.cn.

Online application will be available from 1st January 2020 to 30th March 2020.

2. Print out and sign on the completed application form from the online system.

3. Remit application fee (830 RMB).

Only bank transfer is accepted and the application fee is not refundable.

4. Submit the supporting documents.

Please mail or hand in directly to the Admission Office by the application deadline (mailing date considered as submission date).

An applicant himself or asking someone else to dropping by and submitting the documents at the Admission Office should come between 8am to 5pm on workdays.

5. Check the application feedback in case other supplementary documents are needed.

6. Take entrance examination

Applicants need to take the entrance examination in April 2020. The subjects are written exams and interview while some applicants only need to take interview. The Admission Office will inform the applicants of the details for entrance examination.


Supporting Documents

1. One original application form completed with the applicant’s signature.

The application form should be printed out from the online system.

2. One copy of final diploma and degree certified and translated (if documents are nor in English or Chinese) by an authorized person.

Applicants who will graduate in 2020 need to submit one original pre-graduation certificate.

3. One copy of academic transcript certified and translated (if documents are nor in English or Chinese) by an authorized person.

4. One copy of language proficiency certificate and transcript.

Chinese-taught program applicants need to provide new HSK 5 (minimum score of 180) certificate and transcript.

5. One piece of personal statement in English or Chinese.

It should be 1000 words in maximum including the applicant’s education and working experience, study plan, research findings, etc.

6. Two reference letters of academic or professional nature.

Applicants must submit two reference letters written by professors/associate professors in Chinese or English.

7. One copy of remittance note for application fee.

8. One copy of identification of passport (valid beyond 31st January 2021).

9. Others (optional): certificates recognizing awards, merits.

Please note:

*All the documents and tuition fee, once submitted, are not refundable.

*All the original certificates will be checked during registration.

*The Admission Office will look for evidence that the predicted qualification is realistic. If any falsehood in found, the opportunity of enrollment will be cancelled.


Bank Info


Shanghai   University of Finance and Economics


1001   2249 0930 005 0373


Industrial   and Commercial Bank of China, Shanghai Municipal Branch

Swift Code


Bank Add

No.9   Pu Dong Avenue, Shanghai, China

Post Code


Bank Tel



Admission Process

Document Screening

When we receive your application, the Admission Office will endeavor to deal with your application as promptly and efficiently as possible within 30 days.

Each application is considered individually and careful consideration is given to all the information supplied, in assessing your applications the Admission Office is looking for:

-Evidence that you meet the general entry requirements

-Evidence that you have the correct and relevant qualifications for the program and your predicted grades are close to the entry requirements

-Evidence that you have an interest in the subject for which you applied form your personal statement and your reference

-Evidence from your reference that your predicted grades are realistic

Enquiry of Qualified Candidates Name List

The Admission Office will evaluate the applicants according to their performance in the entrance examination and release name list of qualified candidates for 2020 fall entry on the website at http://ices.sufe.edu.cn.

Applicants can check the name list from 8th May 2020. The Admission Office will inform qualified candidates by phone or e-mail.

Phone inquiries are not accepted.

Getting the Admission Package

The admission package will be sent out from 25th May 2020. Qualified candidates will get an admission notice, a visa application form (JW202 form), and a registration guide.

Please clearly indicate your contact information (address, phone number) and way of receiving the admission package before submitting your application online (See step 1 for application).


Contact Us

Address: Admission Office ICES-SUFE,

No. 369 Zhongshan Beiyi Road, Shanghai, P. R. China

Tel: 86-021-65361944

Fax: 86-021-65361958

Email: ices@mail.sufe.edu.cn


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