Who We Are

    The Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, known affectionately by its students as “SUFE”, started life way back in 1917 - in the city of Nanjing of all places. What once started off as a mere business program, soon flourished and eventually evolved into what is now considered to be China’s top finance university (ACU University Rankings 2010-2012), and one of the top business universities.

    SUFE was one of the very first universities in China to create post-doctoral research centers in the fields of economics and management, and it was also one of the leading universities to first offer MBA and EMBA programs.

    The International Cultural Exchange School (ICES) of SUFE is dedicated to the admission, education, and administration of international students.

    Modern Day SUFE

    Moving into the 21st century, the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics is at the cutting edge of economic and accounting research in China. SUFE has been selected as one of the key universities in China’s “211 Project”, a national state-sponsored program to foster the development of outstanding Chinese universities.

    The University

    Currently, there are over 20 schools and colleges in the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. They include:

    - College of Business

    - School of Accountancy

    - School of Finance

    - School of International Business Administration

    - School of Economics

    - School of Public Economics and Administration

    - School of Humanities

    - School of Law

    - School of Information

    - School of Statistics and Management

    - Department of Foreign Languages

    - Department of Applied Mathematics

    - International Cultural Exchange School (ICES)

    In addition, there are more than 20 research institutes at SUFE, including the Institute of Finance & Economics Research, the Institute of Accounting and Finance, and the Institute of Higher Education.

    There are 6 first-level and 47 second-level doctoral programs, 6 first-level and 79 second-level master programs and 37 undergraduate programs. SUFE has over 1,000 faculty members, of which more than 540 are professors or associate professors. Currently, there are more than 13,000 full-time students studying at SUFE, including over 6,300 master and PhD students.

    International Students

    Since 1994, the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics has been recruiting international students as well as students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

    There are over 1,000 international students from 104 different countries studying at SUFE today. Our international students mostly study international economics and trade, finance, investment, accountancy, business administration, law, and the Chinese language.

    Chinese Language

    The main focus of our Chinese language courses is business Chinese, which emphasizes the practical use of the Chinese language within a business environment. In 2001, we established the undergraduate major Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. Then in 2006, we created a master’s degree major in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics.

    Currently we offer three kinds of long-term Chinese language programs:

    1. Business Chinese Program

    2. General Chinese language Program

    3. Intensive Chinese language (Pre-HSK) program

    In addition to our long-term language programs, we also provide our international students with the option of studying short-term Chinese language training programs during summer and winter.

    In 2010, the Chinese National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (Hanban) set up a national research center in SUFE, and it is one of only 19 Chinese Research Centers in China. We are using this great opportunity to further develop our Business Chinese programs to help support and foster more excellent international student talent for international business environments.

    The International Cultural Exchange School (ICES) is also one of the national HSK test centers in Shanghai, and we regularly organize tutorial courses for the HSK tests and can accept test registrations in our office. For more HSK information, click here for our HSK information.

    Do you want to study Chinese in China? Do you want to study Chinese in Shanghai, the heart of China’s economy? Then come and study with SUFE!

    Join us!

    If you would like to apply to join the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics to study any of our courses, then please head over to the Apply Online page.

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    Map of Zhongshan Beiyi Road Campus

    Map of Guoding Road Campus